Ric at Desk

Dear friends,

Over the last 6 years it has been my pleasure to get to know so many of you and work with you on your computers. However, it is now time for a change and I’ve accepted a full-time position with Corequick LLC to work with Apple and the LAUSD to help manage the roll-out of iPads to every student in the district over the next 3 years. ( See this MacWorld Article ) It’s a project I’ve been part of for the last year while it’s been in pilot mode and now that it’s going full-scale, my involvement will too. It’s a very exciting opportunity and while I’m looking forward to it, it does mean I won’t be able to support my clients like I have in the past.

To find a consultant near you that can help you with your computer needs, please go to http://consultants.apple.com and put in your zip code to find a qualified Apple consultant.

It’s been my pleasure getting to know you all and I wish you all the best. Be well, ric

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